A3H Gold Card - Save $100's on Hawaii Activities
The Shaka Club is the best deal going in Hawaii! We have saved not $100s but $1,000s over multiple trips. Any time I hear someone is going to Hawaii, the first thing I ask is "Have you bought your Shaka Club Membership yet?" I am surprised the web link is not worn out with all the referrals I made to your site. I wouldn't think of leaving for Hawaii without it. Thanks for making our Hawaiian vacations wonderful! Luana Nelson/ Tucson, AZ
“Don't leave home without an A3H Gold Card” - Frommer's Hawaii
now being called "ShakaGold Membership"
Are you overpaying for Hawaii Activities?
There are literally thousands of web sites offering discounts on Hawaii activies. How can you be sure that you are getting a legitimate discount? Is the activity getting marked up and then down again just to make it look like you are getting a bargain?
You can spend countless hours on line and on the phones and still wind up overpaying.
How can you be sure these are the best deals?
The Activities & Attractions Association of Hawaiiis a trade association. The members are the activity and attraction providers themselves. These members may or may not offer other discounts elsewhere but in 99.9% of the cases the best discount available will be those offered using the Shaka Gold Membership.
Some examples of the tremendous savings using the the ShakaGold Membership.
Activity Regular Price Members Price Your Savings
Bike Down the Volcano $120.00 $90.00 $30.00
Maui Style Luau $75.00 $56.25 $18.75
Molokini Snorkel Adventure $78.00 $58.50 $19.50
Helicopter Island Tour $205.00 $164.00 $41.25
Total Savings: $109 per person
$218 per couple
$436 per group of four